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  You have to be willing to receive money if you ever want to have a viable and wildly successful business! Today’s episode is all about money and changing your mindset around it! Start by asking these questions and explore from there: What energy comes up when you say the price of your sessions/program/membership? What happens […]

  Milestone #7 for membership success is all about increasing retention and implementing growth strategies. The benchmark for this milestone is… I’m clear on what my members want, why they are staying, and I know why the ones who have cancelled have left. I’m actively polling, surveying and talking to my members to improve what […]

  The benchmark for Milestone #6 for creating a profitable membership is… I have an effective way to attract new leads, nurture them, and invite them into my membership/program. This episode is all about building a membership sales funnel. Tune in to hear my top tips to make this a simple process! Suggested episodes to listen to: Episode […]

    Milestone #5 for creating a profitable membership is Launching! This is all about get paying members in, starting to work with them and getting them results! In this episode we are looking at the 3 Unexpected Reasons To Launch Your Membership Today (other than money). The reasons are: INTEL. Nothing beats having paying […]

    Milestone #4 for creating 100k Membership Success is about creating your Launch Plan. The benchmark for this milestone is… I have a plan (including launch dates and sales events) for growing this membership over the next year. Tune in to this episode for advice on how to strategically launch your program throughout the […]

    Milestone #3 for creating a 100K Membership is about making the 5 key decisions. The benchmark for this milestone is… I have filled out my blueprint for my membership with all of the key decisions. These key choices are:  Title / Subtitle Big promise:I help (insert identifier) people who struggle with (insert biggest […]

    Milestone #2 of Membership Launch Academy is creating your irresistible offer! This includes both the actual program/membership and the positioning of the offer.  As as a business owner, you’re going to create bad offers, mediocre offers, and every once in a while you’ll get a home run… there is no ceiling on your business […]

    In this episode, I’ve broken down Milestone #1 for creating your profitable program into 3 easy steps. Milestone #1 is about identifying who you are working with in your membership (and knowing their needs, wants and the problem you are helping them solve). The benchmark for this milestone is: I have a deep understanding […]

    Inside the Membership Launch Academy we work with our students to help them create profitable recurring revenue programs and scale those programs to 6 figures.  In doing this we have identified 7 key milestones to get there. In this episode I’ll go through these milestones with you! If you can follow along and […]

    Choosing to create a greater future for the long term sometimes means that you have to cut back on a few things in the short term. I was really resistant to this! I had the point of view that to get bigger and greater you should always be choosing MORE. So the more […]

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