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I’ve been doing 30-day custom content decks with marketing strategies – and this episode is going to be what I’ve learned from doing 25+ of these so far and how I approach them so you can do this for yourself.   Also – if you want to order your own 30-day custom content deck with […]

I did a deep dive into one of my clients’ businesses recently and interviewed 18 of her customers. What I discovered was the disconnect between what she was selling and what they wanted, the problems they were having (both internally and externally) and the way she talked about how she could solve those problems for […]

In this episode you’ll learn what to do if no one buys on your webinar or free masterclass. Here are the top 3 reasons why they’re coming but they don’t end up buying: You’re giving too much information and overwhelming them You’re not creating a gap that your offer can fill  It’s your offer – […]

Wanna know how to stay poor while earning sh*ttons of money? I didn’t think so! I was given really bad advice, listened to it for a really long time, and got myself into a pickle. And I’ve since come to find out that THIS mindset mistake is super common. It’s my hope that by walking […]

Running a webinar or virtual live event doesn’t have to get complex or tricky … There are lots of ways to make them fancy but remember that all the bells and whistles you add will add a layer of tech and potential problems that you don’t need! So, in an attempt to help you avoid […]

Questions are always an opportunity to handle objections people have before putting down their money with you. In today’s episode, we’ll cover the top 3 questions you should plan to answer at the end of your next webinar in order to make more sales. We’ll also talk about why these 3 questions are so important […]

17-20% is the industry average “show up live” rate for live masterclasses or webinars.  Your sales are much more likely to come in via people who attend your training LIVE, which is why it’s so very important to do everything you can to increase that live attendance rate. In this episode you will learn the […]

Why people don’t buy after they come to your free class? There are different types of “free content” designed to help you sell your paid offer: masterclass, webinar, free intro class, video series, zoom, telecall, email series, podcast sequence, private podcast I’ve been auditing webinars and noticed that people are commonly doing similar things wrong […]

  First thing to consider when doing a free thing in order to pitch your paid thing is to choose an interesting, engaging, attention-grabbing topic. People no longer sign up for things just because they’re free.  You need to actually sell (and market) your free event just like you do anything you are charging for. […]

  I’m back for Season 3 of Marketing Chaos! I’m on the path to recovery. Recovery on all levels from a traumatic experience that, at time of this recording, is still occurring. If you want the full download of where I’ve been, I created a private podcast series that is 7 Brutal Lessons Learned on […]

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