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  To be honest I didn’t know if I could do this episode or should do this episode… But, in the spirit of all things Marketing Chaos,  I do want to share what’s been happening … and it’s been a little on the raw, messy, unfiltered side. The true entrepreneur’s journey is a messy one […]

    The Expert is the sixth and final Holistic Audience Growth strategy in our series. This is for you if you have unique, specialized knowledge or skills in a certain field, and you have the time and patience to grow your audience. Tune in to this episode to learn how you can use PR […]

    Strategy number five in our Holistic Audience Growth Formula is for those social butterflies that love to connect with EVERYONE! Let’s take that engagement to a new level and use your natural capacities to your advantage. Tune in to this episode to find out more!   Thanks for tuning into this week’s episode […]

    This is strategy four of our Holistic Growth Formula – the go getter! This is for you if you are short on time, want to get fast results, and don’t mind paying for it. In this episode we cover how to use paid ads to your advantage, and what you should consider as you use […]

    The Mentor is the third type of strategy that we are exploring in the Holistic Audience Growth Formula series.  This is for you if you have an existing audience or close group who love you and want to support your growth. If you want more people like them in your audience you may […]

    This is a must listen if you… would like to create meaningful relationships with people would like to rapidly increase your audience growth without spending a lot of time on social media don’t always have a million new content creation ideas This episode will outline the seven steps for collaboration success. And if […]

    This episode is the first of six episodes that go into different audience growth strategies that actually suit you, your personality, and your lifestyle. If you are a creator, someone who has tons of ideas, and are a little bit more introverted, then this is for you! Don’t forget – the live Holistic Audience Growth […]

  Holistic audience growth is about finding your style for building your audience that fits your personality and lifestyle. If it is a constant struggle for you to implement a growth strategy – then that’s not the right method for you (even if it is working for someone else). In this episode we look at: […]

  The best way to work yourself up is by trying to handle future problems that may never actually occur. Solving problems and getting creative is part of (or a lot of) your job as a business owner… and you can’t really avoid that. In this episode we look at what’s underlying the need to […]

  Are you trying to scale your business too soon? If you’re just starting up your business, your target should be to become profitable and to work with people to get them results. If you’re ready to grow your business, then you are trying to increase your revenue as fast as you can. You’re looking […]

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