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  I get this a lot – most people want me to tell them if their ideas are going to work before they’re even introduced to the world. And when the ideas are actioned and nothing goes to plan, it can put the brakes on everything! If you’re looking for a guaranteed outcome with your […]

    Email is not dead – and you might want to start using it! Using emails to collect leads, nurture them, and make them offers is going to be a key component to your business. In this episode I dive into the 4 ways you can start nurturing your email list… Write better emails […]

    Thinking about starting a wellness membership, but you’re not sure what to do first? Or, are you struggling to get up and running? Don’t create anything (or spend another minute on your website, branding or marketing!) until you listen to this episode. This episode is a special one because it’s a replay of […]

  In this episode we’re talking about when and why to make something free versus low price. This actually came up in a coaching call with one of our Membership Launch Academy members. What she wanted was to do 30 days of videos for $30, and at the end sell those people into a 6-month […]

  Niche-hopping or adding new offers is a band-aid solution that is cheating yourself out of growth. What problem are you avoiding or not tackling by doing this? When you start out there is the fun part, the creative part, and maybe you even enjoy the instituting, connecting, and getting sales. But eventually you will hit […]

  Imposter syndrome is defined as the persistent inability to believe that one’s success is deserved or has been legitimately achieved as a result of one’s own efforts or skills. The ones who suffer are the ones who are actually highly capable. You ARE highly capable! When imposter syndrome come on, it is not a sign […]

  There are some things you can figure out before you start and there are some things that you can ONLY figure out BY starting. So, create like how my six year old does when she is painting. Play, don’t be attached to the outcome and know that you can always start again! Be willing […]

  In this episode we are going through 5 reasons why people join a membership (and why they ultimately stay!). The five reasons covered in this episode are: Need Mastery Community Entertainment Want/luxury/convenience Which ones are relevant to your membership?   Thanks for tuning into this week’s episode of the Marketing Chaos Podcast! If this […]

  One question that I receive often from my students is “should I change my course into a membership?”… and there is no correct answer, only some things you will need to consider. If you have asked this question, or are deciding whether to create a course or membership first, tune in to this episode for […]

  What purpose does your membership have for you and your business? In all cases additional money is ONE factor, but it may not be the main one. Here are three main ways a membership can be used in your business: PURPOSE: A way to nurture and attract new people and generate new leads.  VALUE […]

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